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Coaching Formula

Coaching formula for 4 wheeler training.

We approach the 4 wheeler driving program with a standard and a professional training formula. This formula of coaching our students are being set with accordance to international systems being followed around the world. One basic difference we offer from other driving institutes is the 'One person one car' individual training sessions that are designed to bring out the best out of a student. Our 15 day enhanced training course ensures that our students get maximum benefit by learning a new concept every single day for 15 days.

Coaching formula for 2 wheeler training.

Our formula for two wheeler coaching has earned us a place in the prestigious Limca Book of records for the second year in a row. Specifically women and scores of men as well from all walks of life have been immensely benefitted through our institute. We are proud to say that we have been maitaining a 100 % success rate ever since our driving insitute was established in 1995. This comprehensive 7 day course content ensures that each one of our students are benefitted through our unique concept called 'Freedom on Wheels'. Not only is the student being taught practical coureses that include the vehicle types, parts, troubleshooting etc, they are also being taught about road safety, rules and regulations of driving, following traffic rules etc in the presence of traffic inspectors who give first hand feedback about the specifics of road safety. We also teach them traffic regulations in different parts of the Chennai city and issue road signs charts and books for ensuring safe driving.

Experienced Instructors.

Our staff consists of car instructors, two wheeler trainers, car mechanics etc. Their experience in the automobile field has been an asset for our driving institute and also to all our students. They are well aware of the demographics of the city and have been trained to impart impeccable coaching to all our students.




Priyan Aniyan Mathew  

(Sotware Engineer, Infosys Technologies, Shollinganallur)

I was indeed lucky enough to have my first driving experience with Durga driving school, one of the pioneer driving institutes in chennai, From the time i met Durga Madam and Srikanth at my...


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